Thursday, January 29, 2015

love you- process video


I had a photo from last week that didn´t fit in project life but I really like it so I made a layout.
This layout is of me and my brother and that I really love him. I´m 11 years older so I have been part in rising him and now he is 11 and I can see what an amazing young man he is turning in to.

 I wanted a snowy feel without it getting too cold. The striped paper is from "Open Book" and the snowflake on I have done with "Tattered Angles" glimmer screens and distress ink in "weathered wood".
 The layers are stitched down with white thread and the bits and pieces are from the "Open Book".
 The pearl swirl are to add to the snow effect and the bird brad are from"Panduro". 
 I´m so happy with how the snowflake paper turned out even though it was a real pain to do...

Love Julia

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project Life week 4

I´m chocking myself! I don´t think I´ve ever been this punctual.  I´ve had a very productive day making project life, a layout and several paintings! Now how ever I´m beat and just want to snuggle up in bed. But first here is my week 4:,

So here I just wanted to show how I store my memorabilia, like birthday-cards and movie tickets. I use a 6*8 pocket and in this one I have birthday-card (I turned 21 this week) and the PL card in the front I used instead of a guestbook at my art show. 
 Here is the full page, I used this design because I wanted to have both horizontal and vertical photos. The "Foorm" card is in a "Sn@p" pocket and the letters are from "Tattered Angels"
 The "Sn@p" pockets are amazing for adding extra space in this case so that I could have allot of journaling. And the photo above you see me and some of my artwork 
 No chocker that the maerialls for this week is from "Open Book" I just love it! The title card is just the week and then a list of shows I have watched and the book I read. The second 3*4 is just a "I´m now 21" card.
 And here we have he inside of the "Sn@p" pocket, the presentation they wrote about me and the bonsai tree I got from my aunt... Will be exiting to see how long I can keep it alive.  

Have a great week
Love Julia

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Treasure You- Process video


So I´m finally back and I have a new process video to shear with you. I took two of my resent favorits, watercolors and the "Open Book" by Maggie Holmes and made a layout.
The photos is of Wiola out in the snow but I wanted to have a color scheme that wasn´t expeted and focus more on scrapbooking the feeling rather then the photo.

Love Julia

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 1


It´s 2015 and I don´t think I made a post or video for December... Well for you that missed me; I missed you too! The truth is that I´m struggling with a sickness that I just found out that I had. I don´t know what it´s called in English but it´s very hard to live with and now when the weather is changing to the cooler, it´s even harder. My hole body is in pains and my head is not working right, on top of that I have a cold that just won´t leave...

But engouh of whining, now you know and if I don´t post new videos every week you know why. But today I have a video for you!

Here is my 2015 title page, I didn´t do one for 2014 sens I started in the middle of the year so I really wanted to make one for this year. I think you can tell that I love the "Open Book" collection by Maggie Holmes and I just had to add some gold

For week one witch was like half 2014 and half 2015 I ofcorse had to have some photo from new years and fireworks. Ever year we go to friends of the family and hey have a theme for how to dress, This year it was "Fancy" so we put on our fancy cloths and green bow-ties.  
For this page I used the same "Open Book" and some black glitter thicker.

I hope that you like it even though the photos are really bad, the perks of living in Sweden... No light in the winters...

Anyways, have a great weekend!
Love Julia