Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stamped and embossed Birthday cards

I'm using my stamps more and more sens I got the Alt E New "Vintage Roses" set. I love playing with these stamps, both on layout and on cards. A few days ago I made some cards using this stamp set and some clear embossing, I love how it turned out!
After stamping 3 flowers with 2 layers in pink dye inks and took the first stamp of each and stamped over in "versa mark" and I stamped in the same ink with the leaf stamp. Sprinkle clear embossing powder and heat set. The embossing protected the stamped flowers and the white leafs when I painted over with watercolors.

Gold Heidi Shine, washi and some stitching, those are my favorits! 
The alpha stamp is called "Brentano" from Papier Projekt and they are the best! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Inspired by Disney: "the Emperor's new groove" 12x12 scrapbook

I, like many others, have grown up with Disney movies and even now I like to watch them (well I listen to them while painting or scraping, but you know what I mean). One of my favorits it's "The Emperor's New Groove". It's so funny and I can watch it over and over again. 
I wanted to make a page about my brother inspired by this movie sens we both like it.

 The focus here is the title, a line from one of the songs, and the colors. I don't usually work with red and gold but inspired by the movie I wanted a strong background. A piece of vellum makes a soft layer, some leaf for life and teal dots and splatters. 

List of supplies:

handmade leafs
Love Julia

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bargains at Secondhand April 23

Yesterday my sister, brother and I took a trip after tennis. There is this house, not far from us, Gärdhem. It's a huge house and filled with treasures. It's open Saturdays and always lots of peoples but also, lots os bargains.  But we started at my favorit shop in town, 

Total spending: 90kr 
(included was 2 Donald Duck pockets, a gift for poor little brother for taging along) 
I see this mint bike basket and had to have it! 
Bike basket: 30kr
(I washed it and striped the plastic ribbons of it, look so pretty now!) 
 i have decided not to buy a tea/coffee service for when moving out, but collect old odd ones. At Emaus I found these pretty 4 for 10kr each.
 4 cups and saucers: 40kr 
We got there just an hour before closing but that didn't stop us from finding some good deals! 
Total spending: 110kr

I found a few of these embroidery sets, they are really tiny, comes with everything you need (apart from scissor) I got a cow and a house
2 embroidery sets: 20kr 
 I love the sewing counter and found 10 yarns and 2 hoops! I have searched for this wood kind but so hard to find! I love the color of the yarns, so summery. 
2 embroidery hoops: 30kr
10 embroidery yarns: 50kr 
 And a new typewriter...
I already have 2, one that doesn't work and one the is rather faint. This little guy however is really tiny and has a very nice ribbon. I'm so happy to have found a smaller one and the price was perfect! It's easy to handle, even on my desk, the other one is way to heavy for me and takes up so much space! 
1 typewriter: 30kr
 Coming home, W inspects the treasures and even she is happy about the typewriter! 
 Last night I made my little cow, not very good and not following instructions, but I think she is rather cute. However I think for my house, I might split the yarn to 3, here I used the full, 6. (With fram it's 3"x4"). 

We had a great time and I love these outings, searching after pretty stuff others don't want. For just 200kr I think I got some really fun things that I know I will use!

Love Julia

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oh Deer and it all goes wrong... "Everyday Adventure" 12x12 scrapbook

Oh Deer and it all goes wrong... 
Yeah, what do you do when you step back from a page and you know it's all wrong, ugly and terrible? Do you toss it in the bin, set it a light or do you start over? 
Well have I have to say that I usually see when it's staring to go wrong and can fix it. But there are times when I'm so fixed on an idea that I don't see clearly. I think this has allot to do with your process. I hardly ever start with an "finished" ide, but let it grow, so when I'm so set on that end result, well it messes with me! 
But the next morning, I pulled it apart and started over:
So what says it's worth trying again? Well on this page I really wanted to tell the story with this photo. So for round 2 I picked paper and embellishments that had cohesive colors that went with the photo.  I kept the focus of the page concentrated above the middle line and added journaling strips instead of a block. The strips doesn't take that much wight but are still easy to read on the background. This means I still have my horizontal design but journaling under. 
 A few black elements to add contrast, wood leafs and gold adds some warmth. Sens this page is about W and that she is always on the lookout for deers I really wanted to use all of them from Maggie Holmes "Bloom" but I settled for the gold one and made a bigger piece of it. Also the title is rather big but sens the photo isn't zoomed in there is allot of empty space for ex an big title. 

Products used:
WrMK "Wild Flower" Paper and stickers
Maggie Holmes "Bloom" clear stickers & "Shine"paper

Monday, April 18, 2016

"Day Dreams" 12x12 scrapbook

I day dream, when Wiola and I walk and think about how it would be if we where to start competing in Rally, if we where to move, build our own house. If I could make a living, doing what I love. We all have different things we go around thinking about, what we would do if...
So I thought I would take a moment to document just what I'm dreaming about now at 22.

The page is quite simple, not much product but I wanted to keep it light, let the background show. 
The kraft cardstock is painted with white and a grey acrylic paint and then silver splatters. I thought it looked like a sky and how perfect is the for the "head in the blue" so I draw some clouds and stitched. That took longed then I care to admit but I love it!  
 This page is one of my favorite, so many elements coming together, like this tag. I wanted a tag with the title so i stamed using the oh-so-cute stamp set from Paiper Projekt, a dymo word and subtile is a strip from Tim Holtz "small talk". 
 What is with the animals here, every time!! 
But she really is cute, isn't she!

Keeping the photo cluster light and small means that the background will have a bigger role. Here I really get the feeling of night and dreams without it being a dark or heavy background. I hope you like this page and that it inspired you to document your day dreams!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Turning 22 12x12 scrapbook using Maggie Holmes "Bloom"

The Maggie Holmes "Bloom" collection is perfect for all the flowers coming up now in April but it's just as nice for documenting a birthday with it's fun and happy colors!
I had four photos I wanted to use but after some thought (during a long time) I decided to only use these three that are the same size. Matting them on the frames makes them stand out but in a gentle and fun way. The colors are picked from the the photo and the accent color is black, to make is pop.

 This cat is seriously everywhere!!!

stamps for background: Hello

Monday, April 11, 2016

#fjinmyplanner week 15

I love that you get printables in your Felicity Jane subscription, like a entrée before the real kit comes. When I printed these from the "Chloé" kit I knew I had to add them to this weeks spread. 

I have a personal sized Websters Pages Color Crush in Teal Strip with just the calendars in it. I don't use the other inserts and it gives me more room to play with fun things. 
  I knew I wanted to use that flower and it was perfect for my brothers birthday. The banner shapes are just so cute and it feels so spring-y! The yellow-doted card I punched holes in and I think I might add a photo of brother there from his birthday. 

 I'm a huge goal setter and every week I have a few things I want to focus on, those goes in the "week box". Every time I do one thing I get to draw a line, which is oddly satisfying... 

Now that spring has come to us in the north I want to add flowers and happy-colors everywhere and this kit really delivers on that! Now I really can't wait to get the kits!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Out & About 12x12 scrapbook Maggie Holmes "Bloom"

When I sitt down to scrapbook I have a crate next to me with printed photos from the past months. I go through them to pick one or if I already have a story in mind, find the photo I had thought about. But How about the older ones? The ones from years ago that are pretty but just sit there without a story? The other day I found a photo of myself that my mom had taken during a walk in the woods. I had a story I wanted to tell and that photo was just perfect.

I wanted to document how much I love walking in our woods, how much better I feel when coming home and the best part of the walks. Bird song, the air, Wiola and sunshine through the branches. 

 What is with this cat? Everytime, she comes 

Products used: 
Stamp for background: Alt e New "Vinage Roses" 
*Annoying cat *

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easy Watercolor Cards with Maggie Holmes stamps

Sometimes a product comes along that you just love, like the stamp set in the new Maggie Holmes "Bloom" line. The bows are so cute and perfect for a backgrund paper like this layout or for a card.

So easy to make and jet, so cute!

So perfect for birthday or just any day!

Products you may like to use:
Watercolor paper- Canson "Montval" 200g/m2
Watercolor - S:t Petersburg 
Stamps- "Hello"
Inkpad- VersaMark
Embossingpowder White

The list is based on the products that I used but can easily be replaced.