Sunday, March 10, 2013

Football Cake

Yesterday we celebrated my cousin how turned 11. He plays football ( or as the Americans call it "soccer") and he is quite good so he wish for a football cake. My godmother (how is his mother) is amazing in the kitchen and make fantastic cakes. She made this football cake for him and does it not look amazing?! I can´t help but get inspaierd when ever I come over to them and she has made cakes. One year for her dather she made one with Winne the Pho on. I love Winnie the Pho!

And as you know I can´t eat the cake, witch I was quite bombed about because her cakes taste so good, but she had bought some strawberry's, pears, melons and apple. Besides the apples it was so nice of her to think a little extra of me.

So if you need some inspiration for making a boys cake try the football cake.
Love Julia