Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 44- project life

I have had a bad week, well I still have it honestly... So you might feel my lake of enthusiasm, but that is the good thing about PL. I had a bad week and didn´t feel like scrap, so I printed my photos, picked some cards and done! not my favorite week but you know what? it´s done, in my album and now I can focus on this week.

 Now don´t get me wrong I did allot of fun things this week and got some really good photos but sometimes you just feel... blah.
 I just have to say how much I love this photo on the right. I love that you can see the gravestone, the fog and the church. I don´t know if any of you put candles on the graves at this time, but pleas let me know!

So I have spent allot of time in my art journal and I thought that I would show you some pages and process video this week, so if you are interested... The first one will be up tomorrow.
Have a great week
Love Julia