Friday, January 3, 2014

5 things from 2013

As a paper artist you can never have too many thing. This what you repeat when you stand at the checkout at your art store or when you see the new paper collection from your favorite brand. I know I have too many thing and jet I just want more! But new years is a time to reflect on the past year and on the year to come. So I´m taking this opportunity to give some love to whats in my drawers and picking my top 5 from 2013. So take a set, this can take some time :) .

This is no surprise, I love my Dymo and I use i on almost every project. I just love the effect it gives on a shabby chic card, it sort of breaks off and adds a bit of vintage/ grunge without leaving the shabby chic. In my book, an absolute most have!
 Some times we go out and try new things and fall in love. I´m so happy that I tried coloring with this distress inks because I just love the effect! In this little box I have a few drops of each and underneath is a piece of paper to show of the color. Easy to see the color and the lid is perfect for mixing colors. This re-fillers will last a long time but it´s not the only reason that I use them. It´s the intensity of the color and hat they are so easy to blend. Love!
 One day my day came home with this biscuit tin, it was empty but just so sweet. So here is where my self-adhesive pearls & bling. I love using this on projects and this tin is perfect for storing them. All I have to say, Thanks dad for the empty biscuit tin!
 Here is another empty tin, this one is from Australia. Here is some of the roses and lilys. For two reasons this is perfect, 1, I can easily see what I have and if they would fit the project. 2, I can easily see what I have, they are just so pretty and I hate to put them in a dark box. So I have them out and see them everyday!
 Here we have the best thing I bought in 2013! It´s the fran-tage. Here is two sample sets, one is embossing powders and the other is the micas. Just love them, the aged silver and gold embossing powders are truly aged and the shabby ones (pink, blue and white) are perfect to have around stamped images on your cards. And the micas really brings a vintage, nostalgic feel. Then I have some glitter and powders from Magnolia. So in this thin box I can see them all and I also have my cheat sheet, with my powders embossed.

So in short, 2013 was a really good scrapbook year but I have a feeling that 2014 will be even better! :D
Love Julia