Monday, January 25, 2016

Project Life set up 2016 + week 3 process

Project Life for 2016
I thought about this for quit some time, changing size, set up and design. I really wanted to try a 8x8 with costume page design using the fuse... Well long story short, good idea (saving it for maybe next year)  but I'm sticking to the 12x12 but changing up the design.

In the previous years I have done 1 page per week and used different kits and brand for the cards. Now I like looking at them, seeing the different colors and patterns changing, what I like and what was trendy. But this year I'm trying to stick to one core kit The Prismatic by Heidi Swapp
The Prismatic
This kit is so pretty, bold and bright. Some of the colors and designs are a bit too edgy for me but I like it and I think it will go well with my photos.

 And to really mix it up I have added a pack of mixed pocket page designs. But that is it, I'm sticking to one kit, mixing it up with pocket designs and the only "thing" I'll add are stamps. 

Let's see how long that lasts... 
So far I like it, the kit as many colors to choose from so you can make allot of different color combos but also keeping it clean ans easy. On this week 3 I added a pop of hot pink and that lovely floral pattern. So that is my plan for 2016, simple PL and meaningful scrapbook pages 

Love Julia

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