Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY traveler's notebook cover

Like I said in my previous video, I couldn't wait to start playing with my new pocket sized travelers' notebook! This came with three inserts with kraft covers, perfect for making your own design!

I wanted to make some fun and cute designs and using paints and paint pens. Two of the books I know what to do with but the third... not sure.
 Can't get over how cute this little TN is. It's the black-brown from Alice's Sweet Castle 
 First in is my swan book, blank pages and perfect for sketching. I coated the books with an acrylic pearlescent ink and love how they look, a bit hard to photograph how ever.
 Next book is for all types of questions so I just did a quick Frans and W on the cover.
 The last book still has no job, but i'm sure I can find something, just love the glow on his one!

I think they all turned out so cute! I plan on having this in my bag, ready to sketch on the go. For now I just look at it and smell it...

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