Tuesday, July 22, 2014

album for Barock

The video is HERE


So the other day I was looking trough my desk draws and happened to find an old 8*8 album about my late horse, Barock. It only had 3 layouts and I thought that it would be fun to finish it. Now I haven´t worked on a 8*8 sens I started on this album and that was years ago, so that was the first challenge. And the second I think is rather obvious...
 Starting on an album about someone that you loved so much and now have past away is really hard, especially when this album is already started on. Bu now I really wanted to finish it and I think that no matter how hard I try I will never be 100% happy with is.
 So I just told myself that I  was just going to play with the photos that I had and anything will be better then nothing.  So I packed up my little blue basket, added a 8*8 pad and 2 6*6 pad took my camera and went out side.
This layout you see me starting on in the video but my camera cuts it of. So this photo already had a layout that I decided to take apart. I like this one better with the black and the colors I used on the other layouts.
 This one I went with a more green feel with some orange.
 This is the layout that I started on, it´s my favorite photo of him and I wanted it really clean so just a white background and a blue paper that I made with distress markers. The juornaling tag is from Primas "Sea shore" 3*4 and I just stuck it under so the boat is hidden.
 Using that same paper and embellishments makes it so easy to create different layout that tie together. Here is that 8*8 paper as base (I have know idea what the pad is called but it´s very pink, green and blue) than a 4*6 atc from prima "sea shore", doily and that black lace washi-tape. Simple layout where the atc card also work as the title.
 This layout the camera cut out too... But same though, 8*8 as base, doily and black. That {create memories} is from a prima packaging. and the camera from rhonna design app.
So I have 5 more layout to make and I have put some photos in my "photos to print" folder. But so far I really like it, just going to add the journaling but I think I will wait for that till I have the other layouts. I´m glad that I found this and that I have started to work on it. I hope you like it and that you like the VIDEO, have great day
Love Julia

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