Monday, August 15, 2016

Treasure Hunting at Gärdhem 2016

I do love to go treasure hunting and I haven't done that this summer so this Saturday I just decided to head to one om my favorite "treasure-caves".
There always allot of pepole but sometimes it's just too much. Luckily I did find some treasures that I have been looking for. A milk-cow, I want one in black & white but this one is really cute. Cake stands are always on my list and this one is in glass and a tiny one. Top make my day I found 5 Agatha Christie pockets in both English and Swedish. I call that a pretty good treasure-hunting-day!
 I have a Travelers notebook insert for my treasures, I'm that nerdy...
 Nothing fancy I just think it will be fun to look back on when and were I got the stuff and why i got them. I put down the details but also why and what I liked the best from that day.
 This day's score was definitely the books. All of these for a total of 78kr 
(not 48kr as on the page I clearly can not count in the evening...)
 I usually spend under 100kr (about 10 Euro) I collect coffee cups and cake-stands and almost always but something of glass.