Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Destails 12x12 using C'est La Vie by Pink Pasilee

I have always been a number person, that was intill I got sick and my head took a time out. One of the first things I noticed when I got fibro was that I had a really hard time in math class. I'm saying I was a amazing but I was good so when I couldn't figur it out I got really scared. Now I know why and it still a pain but I know it's not because I'm stupid, just sick. ... So I wanted to tell that story, that I have always preferred numbers and what happened when I got sick. Also now when I'm going back to school how having fibro will make it all harder but that I'm willing to do work hard!
Enough chatting, here is the process and photos:

I love how this page come out, all the numbers and the gold! I know that we all have allot of number and it can be channeling to use them, here I let the numbers inspire me to tell a story about myself. Made be you can tell a story about being a number person (if you are on), a number person you know, your favorit number, a big birthday or maybe you hate math? Let the numbers inspire you!

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