Friday, February 28, 2014

Tjarna -the wagon horse

You know the saying "get back up on the horse" well I have! After almost 8 month I did my "debut" and it went really well! It was my first time riding Tjarna, she is a wagon horse from Poland and she is really fun to ride. I like this sensitive horses when you have to challenge yourself.

Sense I´m not a trained instructor our boss has put together a "boot-camp" for me and my co-worker. It´s so much fun, that is the reason that I got Tjarna. I just love that our boss spends so much time teaching us becoming better. And a major bonus is that we get to ride the riding-schools horses. Not only do you become better riders but this helps us understand the horses better and makes it easier for us to help our students.

So if you ride on a riding-school please try that horse that you think is not your "type", this horse mite surprise you and you may learn something new. 
Love Julia