Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello everyone! Now I have got a knew computer so hopefully post´s will come up on time. In this post I´ll show two you wedding cards. Making cards is not really my thing and usually  I avoid doing them, but this two was real fun to make.

Card 1
Cardstock- dcwv
Old bookpage
Pink heart- dcwv
Lace- Magnolia
Roses- Panduro
Leafs- Pyhobby
Pearls- Pyhobby
Flowers- Prima INC
Dymo label

Card 2
Cardstock- dcwv
Paper- Magnolia
Wahsi tape- Panduro
Postdard stamp- Prima
Leafs- Pyhobby
Lilic flowers- Pyhobby
Big Flower- Prima
Bling- Victoria´s Design House
Hearts from Magnolia paper

Here you can check out from where I got the materiells.

Love Julia