Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Life week 39


For this week for Project Life I choose the We R "Indian Summer" paper pack. I love the patterns and colors, not the mention the texture that is just... best! So in this pack not only do you get 4 of each double sided papers you get a sheet of stickers and 3 tags. Now I hardly ever use tags but I wanted to try to work one of them in to this week.

 I had to have a nature photo but I had no room for one, but thanks to this extra pockets from sn@p I got I place for my sunrise and space for journaling. Also I got to use one of the tags for journaling to the photo on the right (of the horse) The only thing I can say badly about the extra pockets is when it´s pair with this pocket page design. On the left there is a 12x2 pocket and sens the opening is so long every time you open the extra pocket you´ll open that long space. I think that I´ll try to sew it down... when my machine is working
 Some of the photos from my phone I took for a dance in the Rhonna Design app . Those photos got a "chalk-board" frame and text in the same feel. The title card is made in this app with the same elements and I just love the way you can combine papers and digital elements to get a harmonious layout.
 For my journaling card (where the camera went to sleep) I cut a 4x6 piece and layered a yellow and the feather paper on top for more interest and a place for a title (the date) I then started to wright around the photo of Frasse & Sack. I love how it turned out. The seconed 3x4 card didn´t make it in the video either but it was really simple. The border is from the sticker sheet and I just lay down some masking tape to wright on.

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