Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Acorn Avenue Kit: project life week 40

Week 40, all ready we have come in to October! What happens whit the time. But I have to say that I love the autumn colors and the high air we get here in Sweden. Witch I feel that this kit has captured.

 I don´t tend to reach for sequins and getting a hole bag of them in this kit really is a challenge. How ever I´m not the one to turn down a challenge so I thought that using allot of them for a project life shaker pocket was a brilliant idea! I used my sewing-machine  to close the pocket but I think the fuse-tool would be perfect.
 A few days ago I got the stitched leaves from Lawn Fawn, witch I love! And I cut them out on this self-adhesive glitter paper.  The blue matches so well whit the thickers and I just love the glitter whiteout the mess!
 One of my favorite cards it the ones whit lots of arrows telling what you can already see. Here I did that on a photo of the training thing I use when training clicker with W. 
 I like journaling in my project life but don´t always want it as a text. So I often just wright what I have done on the days here I have stamped them. And the and "stories", this week I wrote them out in the Project Life App just to be sure that the text would fit n a 3*4 pocket