Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Black & White+ Mint kit: Surround

This layout was quite a let down... I had a plan, and then went out of my comforter-zone... Crashed and burned! But hey I live to tell about it.

What went wrong? Well looking at it now I see a lot of B&W indifferent patterns and to bright colors. The is one of my favorite photos and it doesn´t pop, to much muchness around.
 I wanted to much here, different patterns, lots of &&& and then bright colors that honestly... hurts my eyes. Whit a B&W you can go wild whit colors but here I have added to much Black &White pattern. This was the photo doesn´t stand ageist the background but blends in and the mess is a fact. 
 The pop of color is this pink rose, pretty but whitout any other pink it falls flat and looks out of place.
 So this layout didn´t turn out the way I had plan but I learned and moving on. I will continue making mistakes and ugly layout but hey I live to tell about them... 

Love Julia

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