Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Hat shop on the corner

I have just read the cutest book,  The Hat shop on the corner by

Marita Conlon-Mckenna 

. It´s about a young women hat after her mothers death decides to take over her shop and keep making hats. Though out the book you follow Ellie and her costumers in Dublin.
This is the Swedish cover and I just love the teal blue hats and all the gold. People may say; don´t judge a book bay it´cover. But the book I look at are pretty and that's that.

How ever after reading this book I felt inspired to paint something with a hat. Just by the way, I think it´s so fun to see what happens when you just let go. I though I was going to make a hat... But then my love of the 1800- centenary got involved...

On the hat I may have used some stickels and some glimmer... But what would life be with out some glitz and glam?
Love Julia