Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Photos, we have them everywhere and this weekend I decided to put my foot down and organize my photos. I had this old white box that I sprayed with gold spry. The sides I put on paper from the circus collection from Panduro. On the front I cut out the little ballerina and added a dymo.  The lied has now a paper from magnolia. This box could be decorated to perfection and maybe I will but for now you can see how I store my photos.

Now I can easily see all of my photos, they are categorized under categories like: horses, cats, school and holidays. The dividers are just a bit bigger then the photos and are easy to cut and to make more off. Now this photos are from the past years but is you have a hole lifetime of photos you can have more boxes, one for each year or maybe one for holidays, one for the family and one for the pets. This is now a gold box filed with golden moments.

Love Julia