Monday, October 21, 2013

layout: Lady of the lake 2,0

I´m no better then that I can admit when I´m wrong. Just like every other scraper, painter and crafter I´m not finished in till it´s perfect. I´ve had this layout hanging by my desk and it has been bothered my for weeks. It´s the "The lady of the lake", you can see it here . So I´ve seen this every day and I felt that it wasn´t finished. This is so hard because when you work on a layout you have to use you edit eye to deiced when enough is enough. But I deiced to give this layout a second chance. Now I don´t mind looking at it. But I really should get an album because now I have like five layout hanging over me.
Black marker to make a "fram" around the photos and the layout. Some blue pearls in different sizes to fill out the empty space around the flowers. 

And the layout finely got a title! 

I´m glad that I gave this layout a second chance. This really is a great example of that you need to trust you instinct. So before you put the bad layouts on the fire give them a second look, it´s really good for you how wants a challeng. 
Love Julia