Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book page weave card

I´m so lucky to have such good friend and let my tell you they are so creative. So this card is inspired by my girl Ellen.

Check out Ellens artwork:

So I started with weaving book pages that is about 1-1,5 cm. This is a bit time consuming but really fun. If you co with solid color the "Weave" will be more protruding. The weave I glued on the card and gave a light mist of my mixed glimmer mist (gold glimmer and brown ink)

Then this is the embellishment I plan to use. I pulled out the glass flowers from yesterday and a Magnolia Stamp.

And here we have the finished card, inspired by Ellen and decorated with the glass flowers, bling swirls, a Magnolia stamp and washi tape from Panduro Hobby.

Love Julia