Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Craftroom!

 I´m so happy to show you my new craft space! I have moved out to our old stable and are now sitting in my old ponny´s box.  It´s not very big but I have this Ariel "desk" my Aunt painted for my little sister and a heater. It´s not finished but so far I really like having my own space.

The "desk" is not very big but for jewelry making it´s just enough but for scrapbooking... don´t Think so. So far I have my jewelry and canvases and acrylic out in the stable and my scrapbooking in my room. In the winter I will have to find some more economical heating. The good thing is that the light is really good for painting and taking photografs. This two came out a bit red but that is just becuze I had my hand in front of the flash.
So now you´ll know where I spend most of my time. I have so many ideas for this space and if they are ever put to the test you will see them ;)

Love Julia