Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Stamping is so much fun but mounting them can be a bit tricky if you never have done it. This is how I do it.

I start with my rubber stamp (this one is from Magnolia) and some EZ Mount. I put the stamp on the EZ and draw around it.

I use a breakable knife, you can use scissors if you wont. I like the knife and think it gives a bit more control. This knife I only use for this sens they tend to get rather sticky.

Now just put the stamp on the mounting and touch up around the edges. Use a acrylic block for stamping. This come in all sizes, this one is fairly big.

Take a ink pad and cover the stamp.

And stamp!
It´s not so hard but a bit tricky the first times. Here you see an example off how a stamping motive can be used.

I hope this helped you

Love Julia