Monday, September 23, 2013

Flower makeover

It´s flower makeover Monday! Today's technique I call the glass flower effect. To do this you will need:

Paper flowers
clear stamp pad, or one with glue
embossing powder with glitter
UTEE- ultra thick embossing enamel

Start out with covering the flower with the clear stamping pad, I use this small Versa Mark, but their is allot of different brands that you can use from.

The first powder is the one with glitter, heat is up and then drop the flower in the UTEE. If you´re not so sure on the step, let the flower cool and go over it with the stamp pad again and drop it in the UTEE. (I pore the UTEE in a bigger container, this way it´s really easy just to put the hole flower in and give it a shack.) The UTEE step I repeated 3 times with really gave the flower that glass effect.

The thing is that after all the cotes with embossing the paper becomes see though and they really looks like glass.

Here you can you see how the before and after, flowers.

Hope you like it

Love Julia