Friday, September 19, 2014

Project Wilna- part 5- Today

It´s the last part of project Wilna so I thought that what would be more perfect then allot of colors and gold?!

 Here we have the last layout, to sum it up in there words: Color, Gold & paper-skirt.

And this are the word that I will take with me. How ever that colors here are very warm and the skirt is light. Almost so light that it get lost.

Here are the process video and the blog post.

I went with a higher contrast and cooler colors.

 When you think of it, the layout don´t have that many layers but the title adds allot. Different fonts and colors will trick the eye to think that it´s more then there is...

 To ground the photo I used a gold doily and a embossed vellum. The vellum is embossed with white powder over chandelier stamps. Love how it turned out.
 My skirt is darker and feels heavier then Wilnas. I think it goes with the layout but I do like hers lighter better...

That is it of Project Wilna. I loved this challenge that I set myself. I loved taking a layout and making it my own, seeing the similaritys and the differences. I will never make layouts like Wilna but that doesn´t mean I don´t love what she does and can be inspired by them. 
I have learned allot during this 5 week and so happy that I got the Idea. 

Now next week I have a spot in her new class over at BPC and believe me: I can´t wait!

Thank you all for checking out my videos and reading my rambling and hope that you have a great weekend

Love Julia