Friday, September 12, 2014

Project Wilna part 4- I do not know

*Process Video!*

Hello and welcome to part 4 of Project Wilna! Today we will take on this layout called Be Mine. You can check out  Wilnas blogpost  before you read on.

So Welcome back! Let´s get down to businesses: This layout caught my eye with the pretty colors and the "waterfall" of embellishments on the right side. I don´t like valentines layouts but this one dosen´t scream it. So what I´ll take with my is 3 things.
1. the photo. I like that even thought there is allot of going on the photo isn´t lost.
2. the waterfall.
3. the stamping with the roller-date- stamp. This is something that I think is so Wilna.

Here is the finished layout, as you can see, not so similar... Changing the colors and patterns makes a huge difference. The papers are all from the Best of Crate Paper that pad has allot of "cut-out"-papers that is perfect!
 Most of the waterfall is from that paper pad, how ever I do have some American Crafts chipborads and a wooden heart. I´m so happy with this part and just cutting out all of those flowers!
 I have a hard time with rub-ons and I don´t like them any more after this time... Any how, what ever happens on a scrapbook page you can fix! (99% ) The title is Project Life letter in light grey.
 The roller-date-stamp and then the finishing journaling.
It´s not one of my most amazing layouts but I think that is part of why I like it. It´s just; nice... And I think it´s nice to do nice layouts and still think they are nice...

I hope you liked my rambling and to see you all next week for the last part :)
have a amazing weekend

Love Julia