Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 It´s such nice weather this day even though it´s mid September and we live in Borås (an hour from Gothenborg, so we get all the rain.) But this last days the sun shone so I let out Britta. When there is nice weather I let here jump around, for a little bunny she has allot of energy.
Off and away.
How close can I get, Britta wonders. 

I got the feeling that Britta got rather bored. 
She is a real cutiy.  
Britta tried to see if she could fly, I should never have shown her the movie Dumbo...
 Just three weeks ago Britta came here as a baby and now she is a bit bigger baby. The more time we spend together and get to know one and other I see how she changes. She is very forward and love to explore and to cuddle when she is done.

Love Julia & Britta