Sunday, March 13, 2016

The black swans

In our little town we have one park with a lake, in this lake hundreds of swans came each winter and every winter I drive past it and think, I should take my camera with me... Well this Tuesday I actually did, so when I had pick up my brother we walked around the lake and looked at these amazing birds.

I have a thing for birds, I really don't like them, except for swans, owls and flamingos...
But liking them or not, that are stunning 
 A day at the beach, or an ice floe 
 I have never seen any black swans, never hard that they would come here but there they were...
 I think they are amazing and stunning and beautiful and amazing.

Now I really need some of Maggie Holmes "Bloom" stuff, that black swan paper especially! 

We have a really good time walking even if it snowed/rained, and I'm now so inspired by these birds

Love Julia