Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Julia at 22" scrapbook page

This year I turning 22 at  January the 22nd. 
I hardly ever scrapbook my birthday, but I do sometimes make a letter page to myself. 
A "pretty" page with a hide letter to my older self. 
The page started with a watercolor background from one of my late night watercolor sessions (this one inspired of my dream kitchen floor). 
 I don´t have many nice photos of me even though my mom loves her camera, she just loves pointing it really close to flowers or stones... But on my birthday, we where both having a "free day" and she took some photos of me and Majken. (W is not in them sens she was licking my knees...)
 The letter is quit long and I didn't want to think about the length fitting on the page so I wrote it on another paper and put in a envelop, really pionting out the letter feel.
The letter is about how I am now, what I like to do and how my health is and what I have planed. 
 A tag rescued from my scrap-bin, perfect for the layout the the calendar pieces.  
 My first thought was to keep it simple but how can do that? So I through all my favorit things on the page and I like it, it's very Julia 2016!
Love Julia