Monday, March 21, 2016

Studio Vlog 1 sunday 20 march

This last week has been filled with paint, bu not the good pretty kind. Just plain white wall paint but that means it's a few spets closer to when the studio will be ready!
So last week dad said he was done with his part for now and that meant for me to clean it out and start painting.
 The studio is in our old stable so it's not very big and not very light, my biggest problem. I have a few ideas to maximas the little light there is. Paint it all white, I rather want it a bit cold then a yellow tint to the room. I have a long mirror going up on this right wall, opposite the window, that hopefully will add some light.
 I have got my hands on two pieces of furniture, a cabin and a drink-cart. These will have a little makeover too. White paint and... well I'm not sure just jet what to do with them but I have so many ideas, just need to pick one... or two. 
 I have to say, painting and then painting again and again, it's not fun. But it looks really good, much brighter and I still have at least one more coat to do!
Filmed a short vlog from yesterday, but this is what I have been doing everyday for the last week!
 Having the end in mind, keep painting! 

This week I hopefully will have the furniture done and the room painted so that dad can go in and do his finishing jobb. In just a few week I might be sitting out there to do my thing!
Love Julia