Friday, August 22, 2014

Project Wilna 1- Mirror

                                                 *Check out the process video!*

Hello everyone! By now you probably know what Project Wilna is, but if you don´t... Project Wilna is my latest project, to take all of her awesomeness and create layouts inspired by hers. So today is the time for the first; Mirror!

So let´s start with checking out Wilna´s page: (here is the video) Her page is parted up in to 3, white space with photo, flowers and journaling. The flowers is cut out of a silhouette but I don´t have one so I cut out all of the flowers and leafs by hand. The other thing with this page it the "blackboard". I want my whole page to be painted black. This are the two elements or parts that I will take with my to my page.
 So I took the chalkboard and the flower and made a  plan (for once) I know I wanted the flowers to frame the photo, like they are growing around it.
 My flowers didn´t get as much texture as Wilnas. I went with a different color scheme, softer pinks and yellows.  To get this look I mixed pink, yellow and modeling past. By not mixing the pink and yellow all the way you can get really cool colors. All of the flowers will look different but fit together because all of the colors are the same- just in different amounts.
I wanted a painted look so I didn´t go all the way to the edge with the black paint. This to emphasis that the background was painted. 
 To add some more interest I cut a glitter-paper in tiny, slim triangles to a act as thorns. The glitter pickes up on the pink and yellow and adds a lightness.  
 I really didn´t want this layout to feel dark and heavy, and yes I know- black has a tendency to do that... But I don´t feel that the layout got too dark, allot of of that is thanks to the leaves. They are green but I mixed a bit of yellow, the same way I did with the flowers
 To really get that chalkboard look I journaled in withe, a note to myself. Of course also inspired by Wilna and her notes to her girls.

So to sum it all up: I took two parts of Wilnas page, made a plan that fitted me and went with it! I love how this turned out, simple but with that feeling that I really wanted!

So this was the first page and I hope that you liked it, and the video! I really recommend you to check out Wilnas process first and then mine. All of the videos of the series will be in this playlist: Project Wilna

I hope to see you next Friday!
Love Julia