Friday, August 8, 2014

First Project Life Layout w25

                                                                                                    *NEW VIDEO*
So It´s my first PL layout and I just loved it. Now this layout I really wanted simple sens I have printed out photos from week 25 to week 31. It´s allot of weeks and I want to finish them before I go into week 32 so that I don´t have allot of "weeks" left to think about.

Anyway this is the first layout and I had three 4x6 photos, one 4x4 and two 3x4 photos. So the only thing that I had to do was a 3x4 title card and a 3x4 journaling card.
 The journaling card is a card with patterned and that is so that the journaling won´t be like; "Read me!, Read me!" I know it´s there and if someone wants to read it they can.

The title card is really simple, letter stickers spells "Vecka" 25 and a date stamp for the first and last day of the week. easy peasy.
 The 4x4 photo is mated on a 4x6 card from Prima- Cartographer with dark wood grain.

Overall I like it and I love that I can have so many photos without it looking crowded.
I hope you liked it to and if you want; HERE is the video

Love Julia