Wednesday, August 6, 2014

my new Project....

Video HERE!

Project life has become a phenomenon and I have to admit to being a bit skeptical in the beginning.  But after seeing ALLOT of YouTube videos and listening to Becky Higgins on the PRT-pod I started to change my opinion. Before I see PL as something uninspiring and frankly as lazy scrapbooking. (this was at the swedish scrapbook fair, where I saw the first Project Life layouts) But now I know that PL is truly "lazy scrapbooking" if that is what you want it to be and that PL can be unbelievably inspiring!

Now I have been scrapbooking in different forms for about 7 years, in the beginning it was to document me competing with my horses but soon I started scraping "normal" stuff to. When I started I didn´t have magazines or the internet so I just did what I wanted. For the past years I have made allot of cards and layouts but the layouts are more to satisfy my artistic needs and to so much for memory keeping. I love doing what I want, not having to fallow "rules" about titles and journaling. But I would love to scrapbook my life...

So I decided to jump in to the PL pool of memory keeping. I knew I wanted Becky Higgins stuff and strted to look around. Shopping in Sweden is about twice the cost (think about that next time you go out to buy a core kit...) and the cost for shipping is out of this world, so I looked at Amazon- free shipping! How ever when I finely decided on a "Starting Bundle" there was shipping anyway, and that was more then products!

I then went to a Swedish webb-shop and spent a few days deciding on what I wanted.
Now I´m so happy I did this because that meas that I got the Maggie Holmes core kit and album! I really wanted a kit that would FIT me and this one is perfect!

The core kit is amazing and the colors so pretty! I watched allot of youtube videos and many organized their core kit in the tray like this. I have them by journaling, patterns, filler and misc. I don´t know how long I will have it like this but for now this is it. ( I have take out 4 of each 3x4 card, that is why it looks a bit empty ;) )

I´m so exatied to get started and you can count on PL-process video coming up in the near future :)

Love Julia