Sunday, August 17, 2014

August-scrap-kit layout 4 *Penny*

                                                         *New Video*

Here is number 4 and last layout out of my scrap kit. It all about little puppy Penny.

This layout is really simple and the focus is on the photo and the bling. The bling in this is some brads that I digged out of my little misc-box in white, pink and light green.

I like the light feel of this layout, with the light colors and then a black and white photo (edited in the Rhonna Design App). The background is from Basic Grey and has the right pink and light green.
 The title is stamped and to get it a bit more grounded I added a light green arrow. Without it the title would just have been floating there without anything really pulling it to the page.
 The hanging thing is a fishing thing... with a heart and some cute brads. The card that is stamped with the date is from the Maggie Holmes core kit and fit perfect. So glad that I checked the back side!
 Putting the brads in clusters helps to draw the eye and pulls the colors together. I didn´t think that I liked pink and green together but I have proved myself wrong...

I hope that you enjoyed this series! All of the videos are in this playlist

Love Julia

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