Monday, August 11, 2014

August kit layout 3- Eton

Hello everyone!                                                                        *Here is the video!*
I´m back with another layout made from my august-scrap-kit.
I´m going to be really honest with you now: I love Prima stuff but this paper I really, really don´t like! I like the idea if it, mixed media-ish with doily and ink splatters, but it just looks like a hot mess (so those the other papers in this collection too) And now you think: But if you don´t like it why do you have it, and use it?. Well I got the paper in one of those "mystery bags" and I´m going to use it because I love a challenge!

So I started with my photo (the photo is not that good, dark and bleary so it looks like he only has three legs, oh my) Then I took out scraps from the kit and that was laying around, started to add layers. Now like I said before I´m not crazy over the mixed media feel because I think it looks like a mess but I decided to embrace it!

 Adding black to contrast and interest one of my favorite "tools", no matter how bad it is, adding black works 9 out of 10 times. Like the stamp, so easy to build a pattered! (from Prima, Optimist collection)

I just though to mention something that I do really like sens I was a bit negative in the beginning. And that is this stamp set. I got it to a good prize and it so versatile, I´ve used it on all of the layouts and I know I will continue to use it allot in the future. Stamps really are investments.
In my video I shoe you how you can make this super simple mixed media look with just washi-tape and some stamps. I know there is allot of people that are a bit afraid of the hole mixed media and if you are, starting with just a border with washi-tape and some stamps might be perfect for you...

Now when I look at this layout I don´t hate it, but nether do I love it.  I think it´s a really good layout where I really had to think about it and solve a problem. Would I do the this layout the same way if I got the same paper and photo? I think not, but I enjoyed making it and in the end I had a good time. I said before that I don´t make layouts in first hand to remember a moment. I scrapbook because I love the mix of paper, paint and photos, if I then later have albums filled with memories that is a amazing bonus. 

Love Julia