Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"YES" A4 scrapbook using WeRMK "Wildflower"

Sometimes I just have an idea that I really want to try, a pretty photo or to play with pretty papers. When I was making this page the story, prompted by a journaling card, started to take shape. I have been so focused on starting with a story, making sure I don't just spit out pages that I now just needed to play. And you know what, I love how it looks and what it is about.

"Come Away with me" YES that I want to! 
Don't we all sometimes feel that longing of just leaving it all and travel far away. Well a bit away any way. I have had that wanderlust now for month, longing for a break and just a change. But I wouldn't leave it all behind, W is of course invited to my imaginary adventure. 

Products used:
Washi: Sketchy black dots from Lagerhaus No longer sold.