Monday, May 30, 2016

The-not-so-epic-cardstock-Haul from

Cardstock, we all need it but it's so boring to buy but I make a few orders each year.
So I ordered cardstock, cardstock and some more cardstock from how has the best prices. Other "fun" thing like glue and a fine-lined bottle was on my need-to-have-list.
 I also had been drooling over the Travellersnotebooks from Webster's Pages and decided to finely get the blush one. Some ephemera from Maggie Holmes "Bloom" and a few pieces from the amazing "C'est La Vie" by Pink Paislee end up in my package. 

It was all good, intill I opened the package. 3 out of the four different cardstock typed I had ordered where bent, creased or just damaged. The big pack of 60 white sheets, base for all of my layouts, where all bent in the corner. I don't want bent corners on my layouts! 
The highlight of this order was the traveller's notebook, I had been saving for it and drooling over it and when I got it out of the packaging, it had a black smudge on it... *deep sigh* 

The other things where all well but this was supposed to be my epic-cardstock-haul, it turned out to be epic in a very bad way... I'm hoping to get hold of someone at but intill then I'll just watch Nashville... ;)

Shopping List May 2016:

Love Julia