Monday, May 2, 2016

Suntherapy 12x12 scrapbook using Heidi Swapp & Maggie Holmes

Do you document the little big stuff? What makes you feel better or worse, what makes you happy and smile? I have put more thought in to my pages this year, partly because I see scrapbooking as a form of therapy. I sit down, thinking about what's important and what will I want to know in 5 years. What can I learn from where I am now, what makes me feel better. 
One thing that makes me feel better, is lying out in the sun... with a blanket 
(I live in Sweden where sun is not the same as warmth)

I had gone through this page many times before I started so when I sat down I had a clear vision of what I wanted. Mind I'm not good following instructions even my own...
I know I wanted a big title, cut out, backed with pattered paper and stitched around. 
 Cutting out a big title by hand in a brush font is not for the faint of heart and then stitching around... 
I love it but yes, it took allot of time and yes, I will do it again!
 With a big title I wanted too keep the pages light and soft, small black and white photos, typed journaling on vellum and the same flowers as from the title backing. I added iridescent sequins to ad to the lightness and springy colors. 
 The page is about how good it is for me to be out, lying in the sun. My mom took these photos of me when W decided that she too needed some sun-therapy. It was a beautiful day, almost warm with singing birds, butterflies and bumblebees in the flowers. All of this I wanted on the page...
 The new line from Maggie Holmes "Bloom" has a sticker sheet with a bird, a butterfly and a bumblebee. Perfect for my page. I love how this page came together, the big title, the cute photos an the story I wanted to tell. 
Products used:
Title made in: Rhonna Design App
White cardstock
embroidery yarn
Woodgrain paper

Love Julia