Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Telling the Hard Things 12x12 scrapbook page

Hard things happens to us all, different things at different times an they effect us in different ways. A hard thing for one may not  bother another. But we all get them and we all have to deal with them. 
I have had allot of hard things happen to me in the last years but I have found that scrapbooking helps. For some it might be odd or weird but sitting down, thinking about it, writing about it helps.

So that is the way I walk now, trying to deal with my W being unwell. 

My W, that I have rised sens the day she was born, have had a hard spring. With a tic related disease in the autumn and now we found out that her back knee isn't working right, she is a fighter. 
I wanted to make a page about the hard time that we are going through but still with a positive feeling, that we are all expecting the best. 

Products used:
washi green strip 
watercolor flowers Julia K
stamp Penny Black "Dog Paws"
word strips Tim Holtz "small talk" 

I hope that I might have inspired you to tell something hard that is going on in your life now, if not on a scrapbook page but maybe in a notebook or an artjournal. I do think it feels so much better once it's out. Not that W's knee will magically be fixed but I have recorded how it's now that gives me a tiny bit of feeling in control. That even though this happens and I can't do anything about it, I can decide how it's told and we look on it.