Monday, May 23, 2016

Scrappin many photos- "Från Ovan" 12x12 scrapbook

What I usually scrapbook now are stories or deep thought with a design that reflects my feelings and a photo to tie it all together. What I don't do very often is using many photos and no story but that is whats up today.

This was a fun challenge and I like how it came together but it really was a challenge. To make it a bit easier I like to make "recipes", stuff to add to make it a easy as possible. 
When scrappin many photos:
Keep it together- use photos in the same color family and size
Grounding- ground the photos with photo mate or corners, giving them a home
Framing- frame the page, make a statement of where the page ends and help to lead the eye
Title and info- a short title and info of the photo, here you want the photos to talk, let them.
White space-  or empty space, let the eye rest when it's not on the photos, plain background

I let the colors of my photos inspire the layout, kraft background and border of green leafs. The top and bottom borders are there to add interest but also fram the page. So are the flowers, they are pretty but also guides the eye back to the photos. My journaling is short and title in the bottom right corner, it's there but it is all about the photos. 

I hope you like this and it gave you some inspiration, and that you give it a try!