Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Telling the hard things- Vägen tillbaka-

When I have things on my mind for a longer time it really helps to make a page. The process of sitting down and focusing on the topic. Trying to show it visually as well as writing about it. It's hard, but I feel so much better after, like I have gone over it enough and moving on. 

This page is about my longing to "get back" to my "normal" life that I had before I got my fibro-diagnos. I write about how much I fight and that I'm willing to do almost anything to get back. I also say that the more I try to get "back" the more I realize that it will never happen. I have no back to go, only forward. I wanted to show this that even though it's a struggle it's not hopeless. Color can tell a big story and I picked a few but happy ones. The Black and white photo was partly so I could add any color but also symbolizing the old and the new. 

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Date stamp by Shimelle

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