Monday, June 9, 2014

Mini-mini haul

Last week I got my order from ciliinpapers where I had order a true mini-mini haul. Only 3 things and all in mini format. The "Heat it" tool I have had my eyes on for years and if you, like me, live in Sweden you know it´s not easy to get your hands on one. But finally I have one! I also now have a tiny glossy accent (the same size as a stickels) and a 6*6 Heidi Swapp stencil. I love that pattern but as you can see the stencil is uneven, it raise in the middle, witch makes misting a bit... not good.

 This means that my old heat-gun can finally retire! Now the last months it has been smoking and nearly bursting out in flames. Luckily I got the new one in time. And just so you can see the tiny difference between them.

The Ranger one is super small, tiny and really quiet. And embossing goes faster with this baby then my old industrial one, that had 2 setting...

So if you are looking for a new heat-gun check out the ranger "heat it"

Love Julia