Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Make-over a shoebox

The other day my brother bought new Nike shoes and as someone with true scraper-mania, I took the box!
 Of with his head!!... or in this case the lid.
 Paint the boxes white!!, especially the edges.
 Pretty papers and what kind of project wold this be if it didn´t have book-pages?!
The book-pages are on the inside to keep the flaps down and make it more... Better
 Add some cute stuff
 By now you all know that I love pearls and I have a hole box of this tiny, in ones so I glued them on one by one. That took a bit of time but lets call in therapy and then I´m a multitask-er.  
 Butterfly out of grunge board with a pen nib.
 This shoe-box is the perfect size for 6*6 pads, 2 fit next to each other and then I have a 8*8 in the back and ATC size in  the front.  
 I´m so happy how perfect this turned out! At lest Nike can make really good boxes ;)

Love Julia