Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scrapbook fair- gbg 30 mars 2014

This amazing dress was a part of 

Fair no 2 is the scrapbook fair in Gothenburg! So I convinced my friend Ellen to tag along and filled with hope and dreams we headed of to Gothenburg.
After have walked around about half an hour we finally found it, (to make big signs was not on their agenda...) We walked in and there was allot of space. It can be good coming on Sunday but couldn´t help to feel that something was missing.
The NEW was missing, I wanted to be wowed with new papers, stamps and mediums... I was not.

This Hat, shoe and dress was amazing but I had wished that they would have some demo or materials connected to this amazing art works... but no.

 Well I didn´t go home empty handed, but it was allot less then I had hoped for. 25 papers, some flowers and 5 markers...
 I really wanted some more distress markers but there was only one company that had them and non of the new colors...
Can you feel my bitterness? I´m sorry, tomorrow I will be happy again when I get to play with my markers :)
But I feel it´s the same feeling on Christmas, you build it up so much it can´t possibly be so good. 

But I cross my fingers for next time ;)

Markers from: Engströms
Papers from: Scrapfabriken
Flowers from: Scrapgrossisten

Check out my haul video from gotheburg:  Here!
Love Julia