Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chocolate fair- Gothenburg 30 mars 2014

The thired and fainell fair of the weekend was the "Göteborgs Lakris Choklad & Delikatess Festival" (liquorice and chocolate festival). This was Ellens idea and now I thank her for it, this was really good! But the best part was not all the free samples, but meting the chocolate people. This guys are so prude of their chocolate and where it comes from.

The best pralines ever! Pralinhuset and so beautiful!

 Fudge, there is nothing bad to say about it, and this guy have it so right! mrs curlies
 This man loves his chocolate and you can´t help to love it to. But it´s not just the taste that he works for but for the workers to. He proudly tell us about a tribe of Indians the are so strong now that they have completely skipped the middle hand and is trading on there on. And he also has chocolate from Asia that was really good! check out his site: Beriksson ,there is a list of all companies he is trading with and the storie about them, by the way he also has a webbshop...
 And here is my take, 3 fudge, caramel & sea salt, chocolate & mint och chocolate & orange.
 Some pralines and Swedish "Knäckebröd" - Hällbörd. So good!

 Here Fairetrade is everywhere and the higher the % the better. This is not just chocolate, this guys are making a difference in the world. By choosing cocoa from sustainable plantation and where the workers are valued. One piece at the time, this chocolate will change the world

Love Julia