Sunday, March 23, 2014

Julija- wax pastels and distress ink

Hello! Today as promised is about my painting; Julija, that I talked about in my last video: Here .

 Here is the first sketch  of her. I wanted to work with my Reeves- water soluble wax pastel set on this piece but also take in distress ink and markers.

So I started with the wax pastels and then went in with the distress ink & markers for more depth.

I have a new video up so You can see start to finish, the only thing that is not in the video in the embossing work I did in the sky and on her hair. In the sky is it fran-tage; shabby white and her hair is fran-tage gilded mica, aged gold, Ranger fine gold and Magnolia gold glitter .

I really wanted that watercolor look so I tried not to blend out everything all the time.

It was some time ago sens I painted I it was so much fun to jump back in after month of card making. But don´t fear I have some cards coming up as well as more "watercolor" pieces.

I´m really happy with this piece and now she is in a frame up in front of my desk! 
So if you want to see how I did check out the video: Here

Love Julia