Friday, March 28, 2014

Distress Markers

I don´t think it´s more then right than that I write this post, considering how much I have been talking about the Distress markers...

Well I think you can guess what I think about them but here it is, black on... computer screen...

Let´s start with what the markers is. Distress markers are a part on Tim Holtz´s distress line that has inkpads, reinkers, stains, paints, crackle paint, embossing powders, glitters and stickles. All of this has the same colors (they may very from medium to medium) But that is the basic idea is that all of this different mediums has the same colors.

So in the markers is the same ink as it is in the pad or reinker. This way you can use them for what ever you want, from coloring stamps to make big art pieces.

So why should you get the pens? I started with 2 ink pads, followed up with 9 reinkers (you can read about them Here ) and now I have 15 markers. I love my reinkers but with the markers you get a more precis coloring, witch is good for coloring stamps. But you can also get lines from the markers the won´t blend out.

The lines the won´t blend out is not fun. With the wrong color and this can mess up your entire project. Some of the colors this is no problem but some colors a almost impossible to blend out (black soot) But not all is lost I have found 2 ways to make it a bit better.
1. Don´t let the color wait. Work in small areas so that the ink won´t have time to set.
2. Take a brush with very little water and wet the area first. This to will prevent the ink from setting to fast and gives you time to blend it out.

But if this doesn´t work for you you can always use the color as ink. Take a acrylic block and draw on it. Now you can pick up you color and use it as ink. This also works great if you want to mix different markers or marker and reinker/ inkpads.

My last tip is making a color chart. Here you can see what colors you have and how they look. Here you can see how my black soot wont blend out but the peacock feathers blend really nice. I blended out half of each color so it´s really clear how they react.

My final word are, I really recommend this markers not just for they preform really well but for that the colors are just beautiful.´They are worth it and if you want to invest in them start of with colors you know you will work with. This can be tricky but if you usually work with bold colors then go for that. If you tend to go for the more subtle then go for that. Tattered rose is a perfect skin color and picked raspberry just pops, so choose your colors so that you work with them and don´t avoid them.

So give them I try and check out youtube for more tips and tricks, their are so many talented artist out there that share their knowledge.

I hope this has help you and please come back soon :)

Love Julia