Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello, today is not a very happy day but not all days are happy. You might remember my lovely bunny Britta, she is not doing so well. She is not ill but something is not right with her. She as always been a very happy and curious but now I think she is not feeling very well. She as attacked my parents and bit them and sens she always has been loving people, I really think she is unwell.  Some might just shrug it of but I know my bunny and I really think something is wrong. And when she is inside in her cage she is almost manic, running around and digging.  This is something new and that is why I´m so worried. And sens she outside allot she is hardly under-stimulated...

I don´t know what to do with her, I can´t stand it when my animals are sick physically or mentally. And to be honest if she had been a horse everyone would have made a big deal out of it and trying to find out way she is feeling the way she is. But sens she is a fluffy bunny, nobody really care and some thinks it´s best to let her keep sleeping. So you see it rather serious.
So now I´m asking you, if you have or ever have had a bunny that as acted like Britta, please let me know what you did.

Love Julia