Sunday, March 2, 2014

All About Stamps

We all love stamps, but for someone that is just started out stamping it can be a bit confusing. So today I will get it all straight  with the pros and cons with the different stamps.

There is 3 types: Wood- mounted, cling-mount and clear-stamp. They all have different qualitys and price points.

 The first type of stamps is the wood mounted, it´s a ready-to-go where you only ink it up and stamp away. It´s mounted on a wooden block and in between there is a foam like material the gives the stamp the right "spring" . This is the highest priced type of stamps, but on the other hand it ready. The only down side is the this stamps take up a allot of space.
 When stamping with this type of stamp you´ll have to make sure that you have equal amount of pressure. Other wise the image will not be as sharp and some areas will look a bit... not good. (The hoofs and his tail)
 Over to stamp type no 2, the cling mounted. This stamp you either buy mounted or un-mounted. If you buy it un-mounted you need a cling-mount, I uselessly go for the EZ-Mount witch is really easy to use: Mounting . When the stamp is ready all you need is a acrylic block. I have 4 sizes, I recommend that you at lest have 3.
 I always make sure to save the paper on the back, this way it stamp is clean and stick on the acrylic block.
 This stamps don´t take up much room, I have mine in a folder: Stamping Organization . I found that this stamps give sharp an clean images 9 out of 10 times and the coast is lower then the wood-mounted.
 And so we have come to the clear-stamp. The clear stamps are the cheapest of the three and you can get a set of 10 clear-stamps to the same coast of one wood-mounted stamp. But this is not the only benefit with clear-stamps, they take up minimal space, see exactly where you stamp and they are super easy to clean. You do need a acrylic block just like to the cling-mounted ones. And with this stamps if you don´t get it perfect you can go over it again, sens you see everything trough the stamp.
 The down side I have found is the lines not always get as sharp as I would have wanted, I think that is that the clear stamp has no spring. But if this is a big problem for you then try to lay you paper over a mouse-pad.
I hope this as helped you in the jungle that is scrapbooking. And I can finish of by saying that stamping is so much fun and the more you learn the more fun it gets.

Love Julia