Friday, December 6, 2013

Shabby chic ornaments

We have had our first snowstorm for this winter and now the roads are so icy that you can use your ice-skates. So lets just say that I will stay in today, and why not making some Christmas stuff?
I found this necklace at H&M made out of this beads, I would never have used it so I took it apart and I´m going to use the beads for Christmas ornaments.
 So some crystal-looking beads. pearls, wire and pliers.

Put the bead on the wire

Put a pearl on one end and bend the wire

Take the bead down over the bent wire and twist the other end till you get a shape like this.

Cut of the excess of and shape it.

Now make some more, I made 24... This are perfect for all of you shabby chic lovers and for you how love reusing things. 
Love Julia