Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas light

How is it that 24 days can go so fast? Trying to get all the presents, baking stuff and working... I think the only thing to do is to make December a red month.
Any how I have been working rather late, having riding lessons at the riding school so when I get home it´s pitch black. But with just a few lights the home goes from cold and dark to worm and inviting.

So here I my three tips.

have a pretty glass vase? Put some light in and at night it´s like firefly, so pretty!
 So at the first of the advent we put up this stars for the first time and I just love it.
 And speaking if love here are my lanterns that I just think is the prettiest. The more colors and and shapes you have the cozier the room gets. The shadows from the lanterns on the wall can change a room and even when you don´t have a candle in them they are still pretty.
 So bring some light in now in the cold winter and sing some songs today to remember Lucia
Love Julia