Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A bit of nature

I love Christmas for so many reasons. One of them is this thing we do with bringing nature in to our homes. I mean I get that we have some flower or a pretty stone but a hole tree? How ever odd it is I love it and today I´m going to show you how to bring in a bit of nature, not a hole forest.

To make this you´ll need a glass (this used to be a candle  that I just cleaned out) , a elastic and some twigs.
Start of by breaking them in to the size that fits your glass. Mine are a bit taller then the glass. Then you put the elastic around the glass. 
 Now, put in the twigs one by one in the elastic.

To get that nature look I very the twigs, some small and some a bit thicker. 

 When the glass is covered you can take a fancy ribbon around to hide the elastic.
I just took this fabric, tore a strip and tied it around in a bow.
Really easy and looks great inside in the waiting for the Christmas tree. 

Love Julia